Do you want a connection with God that is alive, but feel your connection is blocked by a limiting belief system?
Do you feel confused, frustrated, and spiritually stagnant?


John understands because he’s been there.
When he broke free of the dogma, he found new life and a personal connection to the Creator.
You can do the same!




You Were Created to Live a Life of Joy, Not Guilt

Your relationship with the Creator of All That Exists is between you and the Creator. It is not defined by the opinions and whims and beliefs of others. It’s just between you and God. Period.

I’ll provide you with information, ideas you may not have known, and things to think about. What you do with it is your journey. Go live it!

If something I present resonates with you, run with it. If something I share does not resonate with you, let if fall by the wayside and keep on going.


It’s not about the dogma. It’s okay to question, explore, and find what’s right for you. We weren’t created to just blindly accept what we are told. Instead, we are to listen to our hearts. Take in your experiences, first and foremost. Beyond that, listen to what others say, read books, pray and meditate, and look at the world around you. All of these are your teachers.

Have you spent your life doing everything “right,” but have a nagging feeling deep within you that won’t go away? Do you feel conflicted about asking questions? Fear does not come from the Creator of All That Is. Trust me, God is not angry with you. Your understanding of Life is not based on the opinion of others. Follow your heart. If you seek what resonates with your soul, you can’t go wrong

My Mission

To enhance people’s lives by providing them with resources to discover their inner melody—that which makes their soul sing—so they can live a harmonious life.

My Philosophy

The Creator—and, therefore, all of creation—is much, much more than we have believed up to this point. If we allow ourselves to think outside the “acceptable” box, free from fear that God will be displeased with us, we realize the magnificence of our world, our universe, our bodies, and our souls.


You were meant to experience Life and all it has to offer!

You were created to live a life of joy and fulfillment—not one of misery and blind obedience. Begin your journey of discovery and spiritual freedom!